“A kitten is, in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden.”

Cute cat photo of the week – perhaps a little late. Oops! Now brace yourselves, because THIS is a cute one!!



Look how tiny and cayyyoooottteeee!!! I miss my little tribe of kittens, been ever so slightly looking at kittens for sale adverts…..somebody stop me!!


“There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter & noise.”

Another snapshot of my life, another photo of Alfie. He is, obviously, one of the biggest parts of it. You know when you see people who are “natural parents”? They just seem to KNOW what to do and have really well behaved, calm, chilled out children who sleep through the night from a month old, barely cry and grow into really lovely cute tantrum free toddlers and then super stars at school? I’m not one of those parents. Every thing is chaotic in my life and so is my parenting style. I do sometimes think I’m going horribly wrong, but I guess that’s just the worry of being a parent. I adore Alfie though and we have a lot of laughs together, which is above all the most important thing.  This photo makes me smile, it was taken about 2 years ago and he just pulled this face with no prompting. Little nutter!



Hope it makes you smile too!!




Things That I Like

I am obsessed with memes. Honestly, I am a total pest. Show me an inspirational quote on a lovely landscape background or a cute animal with a funny saying and you have my complete and utter attention. I’m pretty sure my meme posting has got me hidden from many a news feed but there’s a reason I like them so much. Its because I do actually take inspiration from them. (And the funny ones with animals just make me smile, which is always a good thing, yeah? C’mon, you can’t begrudge someone a smile…..) I’m a thinker. I think, think, think all day (too much a lot of the time) I like to mull over ideas, outlooks and points of view. I do take a lot of comfort in ideas and quotes and if I’m stressed or upset about a situation, sometimes these ideas can really help me to gain a little perspective and just chill!

Anyway, here are a few things that have caught my eye lately.



Dita, isn’t she a beaut?!



This is a quote from a book called “The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls” and it sums up pretty much how I feel about life and people a lot of the time. We live in a terribly false world. I find the politics of people difficult to fathom. I sit and listen to “friends” rip each other to shreds behind each others back and then smile sweetly and compliment to their face…..I’m a truthful person. Its appearing to be a hindrance at times, but my philosophy is, if you don’t like someone, why pretend? Just go separate ways, don’t maintain a fake friendship when you obviously feel so negative about them. Some people just don’t get along, that’s life. As much as I would like it to be, it really isn’t all peace, love and harmony. 



This has no words, no quotes. It doesn’t need any. It is quite simply, perfection.



And desiderata. One of my favourite pieces of writing and a good way to try and be.

Back soon



Things I Would Like To Have (September)

Ok, so I’ve been told off about my shopping habits. They are pretty horrific to be fair, I will literally spend my last penny on clothes and then spend the remainder of the month terribly skint and feeling a little silly (with a fabulous wardrobe). So, I have decided to change my spending habits. I’m trying to avoid “fast fashion” and go for quality as opposed to quantity. We shall see how that goes. In fairness, I do seem to end up with lots of items I buy on a whim and never wear. I just need to decide if I actually really love something and whether or not I will wear it more than once. Anyway, here are the things I am coveting at the moment……



From Left Clockwise –

Tartan Pinafore G21 £16 – I’ve had a little fall out with Asda at the moment. Time and time again I feel like I buy garments from there that are really lovely and then after the first wash (on 30!!) they shrink like hell and I’m left with a child’s outfit. So, I’m totally smitten with this pinafore, but whether or not I actually buy it is another matter. It depends on whether I can get over the image of myself wearing it with a white shirt underneath and some brogues…….

Black Cut Out Boots, Dorothy Perkins, £35 – I have been looking at these boots on various bloggers for quite a while now and feel I may be behind the times, however, I really would like a pair for winter 🙂

Triple Helix Piercing, approx £45 – I spotted this piercing a month or so ago on Pinterest and then a single one on Becky of Becky Bedbug this week. I think it looks really pretty. I’m a bit of a piercing novice to be honest. I have my nose done and my ears. I had my tongue done when I was 20 but took it out when I was 25. Cartilage piercings look horribly painful to me, I’m not sure if I will build up the courage or not. And getting a treble one is pretty tough going for my first one…..

Digital Cat Dress, Asos, £35 – Oh my God, throw all caution and shopping bans to the wind I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. It has cats on and is amazing! I fear I may get a few bemused looks whilst wearing it but I don’t even care. Unluckily (or luckily for my finances) it is out of stock in my size. Boo!

Martie Geek Shoes, Topshop, £32 – I already have a white pair similar to these and I have to say, they are one of the best pairs of shoes I have ever bought. Comfortable from the word go and compliments from a lot of people. (Granted, quite a large amount of these people were in their 50’s and my Mam even went as far to tell me she had some the same when she was 12, but I DON’T CARE, they are amazing) They are also available in black or navy but the red are shouting out to me!!

Frankie Magazine Journal – The second time this has been mentioned, but I am obsessed with the very idea of this beautiful diary. It comes with stickers and everything!! And its green and reminds me of a book I have had since I was a child “Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella”

Only 21 days until payday…..;)

Things to be happy about in September

It is a well known fact I’m a complainer. You know when they say you should look on the bright side of things? I rarely do. I worry and fret and stress about pretty much everything and anything. Anyway, it was becoming a little bit ridiculous and I came to the realisation that I was totally wasting my life being miserable.

I came across an article “60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in 100 Days” and one of the instructions was to stop complaining!  “Negative talk produces negative thoughts; negative thoughts produce negative results”.

In light of this, I thought I would start the month on a positive spin and think about the things that I have to look forward to this month 🙂

1. Starting my 3rd year of University

This has nothing to do with the student loan. (Honest). I remember having the wobbles just before I started my course at uni. After a mad rush to get all my end of year assignments in for college, I was completely and utterly sure about the fact that i never wanted to see another assignment again. And the thought of having another 3 years of study was just completely awful! However, I knew I wouldn’t want to stay in the job I was in at the time forever, so after a month or two off, I decided that going to university was definitely the sensible option. And here I am, at the start of the final year!

2. Alfies 7th Birthday!


My baby is 7 this month! I found a stack of photos on a memory stick last week and it really hit me how fast he’s growing up.

3. Subdue’s Twisted Circus!

ImageI am really looking forward to Ray’s next event. I’m going to do a detailed post on it in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

4. Autumn nights.

One of my favourite things about September and the autumn, is that lots of new programmes start. X Factor (judge away, I like its cheesiness) I love filling up the sky plus and getting into nice pyjamas and bed socks and mooching around the house.


5. Outdoor Party

Ray has a gig at a little outdoor party in the fells this month. There’s some brilliant local acts playing and it will be a lovely, friendly atmosphere. I can’t wait!

6.  New Arctic Monkeys Album

I’m going to be honest, when the Arctic Monkeys first came on the scene, I wasn’t a fan. I was working in a Virgin Megastore at the time and we used to have to listen to the corporate station VMR, all day. When something was number one, they pretty much played it every hour. I worked full time. I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor was number one for an exceptionally long time. (Or so it felt like!!) However, credit where credit is due The Arctic Monkeys have made some absolutely incredible music and I’ve loved the songs that have been played so far from this new album.


7. Frankie Diary

Having seen the Frankie diary on a few other blogs I have decided that my life will be a miserable existence without one and therefore I must do everything I can in my power to possess one. They have just gone on pre-order and September is the month I will finally have the money for one.  Super excited!



So there we have it! The things that will be making me happy in September. (A few of them anyway, Ray has just made me the most monstrous hot chocolate I have ever seen!!)

Back soon 🙂