Things I Would Like To Have (September)

Ok, so I’ve been told off about my shopping habits. They are pretty horrific to be fair, I will literally spend my last penny on clothes and then spend the remainder of the month terribly skint and feeling a little silly (with a fabulous wardrobe). So, I have decided to change my spending habits. I’m trying to avoid “fast fashion” and go for quality as opposed to quantity. We shall see how that goes. In fairness, I do seem to end up with lots of items I buy on a whim and never wear. I just need to decide if I actually really love something and whether or not I will wear it more than once. Anyway, here are the things I am coveting at the moment……



From Left Clockwise –

Tartan Pinafore G21 £16 – I’ve had a little fall out with Asda at the moment. Time and time again I feel like I buy garments from there that are really lovely and then after the first wash (on 30!!) they shrink like hell and I’m left with a child’s outfit. So, I’m totally smitten with this pinafore, but whether or not I actually buy it is another matter. It depends on whether I can get over the image of myself wearing it with a white shirt underneath and some brogues…….

Black Cut Out Boots, Dorothy Perkins, £35 – I have been looking at these boots on various bloggers for quite a while now and feel I may be behind the times, however, I really would like a pair for winter 🙂

Triple Helix Piercing, approx £45 – I spotted this piercing a month or so ago on Pinterest and then a single one on Becky of Becky Bedbug this week. I think it looks really pretty. I’m a bit of a piercing novice to be honest. I have my nose done and my ears. I had my tongue done when I was 20 but took it out when I was 25. Cartilage piercings look horribly painful to me, I’m not sure if I will build up the courage or not. And getting a treble one is pretty tough going for my first one…..

Digital Cat Dress, Asos, £35 – Oh my God, throw all caution and shopping bans to the wind I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. It has cats on and is amazing! I fear I may get a few bemused looks whilst wearing it but I don’t even care. Unluckily (or luckily for my finances) it is out of stock in my size. Boo!

Martie Geek Shoes, Topshop, £32 – I already have a white pair similar to these and I have to say, they are one of the best pairs of shoes I have ever bought. Comfortable from the word go and compliments from a lot of people. (Granted, quite a large amount of these people were in their 50’s and my Mam even went as far to tell me she had some the same when she was 12, but I DON’T CARE, they are amazing) They are also available in black or navy but the red are shouting out to me!!

Frankie Magazine Journal – The second time this has been mentioned, but I am obsessed with the very idea of this beautiful diary. It comes with stickers and everything!! And its green and reminds me of a book I have had since I was a child “Ameliaranne and the Green Umbrella”

Only 21 days until payday…..;)


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