“There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter & noise.”

Another snapshot of my life, another photo of Alfie. He is, obviously, one of the biggest parts of it. You know when you see people who are “natural parents”? They just seem to KNOW what to do and have really well behaved, calm, chilled out children who sleep through the night from a month old, barely cry and grow into really lovely cute tantrum free toddlers and then super stars at school? I’m not one of those parents. Every thing is chaotic in my life and so is my parenting style. I do sometimes think I’m going horribly wrong, but I guess that’s just the worry of being a parent. I adore Alfie though and we have a lot of laughs together, which is above all the most important thing.  This photo makes me smile, it was taken about 2 years ago and he just pulled this face with no prompting. Little nutter!



Hope it makes you smile too!!





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