The Various Obsessions Of Nancy

I have what I think is a slightly addictive and obsessional personality. Whenever I like something, I like it A LOT. I go crazy mad for it and kind of let it take over my life (well, house). I like many, many different things, but they are all usually quite cute and girly things. Cats, owls, Mary Poppins, prints, t-bar shoes. hats, Alice in Wonderland, swallows, penguins, (lots of birds!!), foxes (also lots of animals!!), Oasis, coats, The Wizard of Oz, beautiful quotes, Moulin Rouge…..and so on! I have a busy mind, it flits from idea to idea, never really focusing on one thing for very long. My house is a jumble of unfinished projects and the materials for new ones. Its perhaps exhausting and frustrating to some, but its me.

Anyway, I thought I’d share my little obsessions now and again and tell you all why I like them so much. One that has been at the main focus of my attention of late is Alice in Wonderland. I have liked Alice since I was a little girl. Not just her alone, but the entire story. I like how imaginative and wonderful the story is. The colours of the Cheshire Cat in the Disney film, the craziness of the Mad Hatter, Alice’s dress, the madness of the Queen of Hearts, flamingos in croquet games, the crazy snail smoking on a mushroom…..its just one big, beautiful glorious story of random happenings and amazing madness. To have such an imagination must be a wonderful thing. I recently bought Ray a gift and it was a piece of art with the Lewis Carroll quote –

“Sometimes I have believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”

I think this just shows how vivid and active his imagination was, how open to any possibility his mind was. I think the world would be a pretty vibrant and magnificent if we all thought along the same lines.

alice quote



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