Nancy’s Favourite TV Couples of All Time

I love a good TV couple. The ones that are up and down, round and round, back and forth, suffering various trials and tribulations are my favourite. I invest in them. I root for them. Cry with them, laugh with them….I often like the underdogs, the ones that are never meant to be. Anyway, here arre my favourite TV couples, the ones I remember fondly.

Ross & Rachel. Friends. These two are an absolute given for pretty anyone of my age group. The Ross & Rachel on-off relationship was one of the most important parts of the Friends series and no matter what happened, we were always rooting for them. The story of Ross loving Rachel from his teens and his basic devotion and adoration of her was the thing most girls dream of. And her eventually loving him back was just the cutest thing ever. There was something so pure and honest about Ross’s love for Rachel. I think they also showed us that relationships ARE complex, life does get in the way and its not always easy. I cried when they got together, I cried when they broke up. I cried when Rachel gave birth to their baby, Emma. I cried when she was leaving for Paris. And I cried when Ross finally, FINALLY, got the woman and the life of his dreams. Way to go Ross!!

ross and rachel


Effy & Cook. Skins. Effy and Fr…Cook?! No, no, you all say, Effy should’ve been with FREDDY. Well, no. I loved Cook. And I love how Cook fiercely loved Effy and the fact that she didn’t love him back made him crazy inside. I was gutted when she chose Freddy, I mean, I knew she would, it made better TV,but still. Cook made my heart hurt. He was so vulnerable and lost and I just wanted Effy to love him back and fill that massive gaping parent sized hole he had inside.

“If this was us meeting for the first time, I’d do it all again. everything. the fucks, the fuck ups, everything. I’d do it all again.”


Alisha & Simon. Misfits. A true modern day love story complete with super heros and time travel.I didn’t particularly like Alisha as a character in Misfits, however, their love story is an amazing one and when Simon commits himself to living the same part of his life, just so he can have Alisha fall in love with him again and again, despite having to watch her death repeatedly, is truly gorgeous and heart wrenching.


Lucas & Brooke. One Tree Hill. So Peyton and Lucas lived happily ever after, blah blah blah. Well, I didn’t like Peyton! I found her rather whiny and irritating, Brooke was way better. And her and Lucas made such a beautiful couple! The time when Brooke clobbered the naked Rachel in who was sat in Lucas’s car was absolutely superb! What a girl! I was most definitely Team Brucas. Team Looke? Anyway, Peyton and Lucas went off into the sunset together leaving Brooke with the rather boring Julian. Boo, boo, boo!!


Ryan& Marisa. The OC. I adored the OC. All of it. The beautiful people, the tale of the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Sandy Cohens eyebrows, Seths wit, the soundtrack, the story lines. I just loved it. It was actually difficult to just pick one OC couple as there are so many great ones!! Sandy and Kirsten, Seth and Summer. But Marisa and Ryan were the modern day Romeo & Juliet. She was an absolute train wreck of a girl and he was the caring bad boy. When she died I was devastated and the OC was never the same again. And as for Taylor Townsend and Ryan as a couple?! Well. What the frig was that about?! BAD OC writers. VERY VERY BAD!!


Woody&Lol. This is England. This is England is one of the most powerful pieces of drama ever to be written and shown. Well, in my opinion anyway. The story of a group of young people living in Thatchers Britain, paints rather a bleak picture and the story of Woody and Lol isn’t exactly the stuff dreams are made of. She is broken and damaged following a childhood of abuse at the hands of her father, he is a lovable idiot who doesn’t really have a clue. When Lol gives birth to what Woody believed was his child, for it to be his best friends, the couple separate.  However, they come through all the horrors that life throws at them and the scene in the hospital where Woody takes his “Lollipop”‘s hand and says “God, I love you Lol, I can’t be with anyone else” is one of the most touching scenes I have ever seen on a TV drama.


Carrie&Big. Sex in the City. Who wanted Carrie to stay with the weird russian?! NO-ONE!! Carrie and Big were the modern day fairy tale. She had fabulous shoes, he had fabulous suits. He was tall and handsome and she was small with pretty hair. And although he was a massive tool and broke her heart, we still loved them as a couple. I mean, yeah, Aiden was a nice guy but he just wasn’t THE guy. Too dull!! Big chasing Carrie to Paris and tracking her down is one of my favourite love stories moments ever and when he said the words we’d all been waiting to hear –“It took me a really long time to get here, but I’m here. Carrie, you’re the one.” a huge AWWWWWW echoed all around the world . And maybe the writers did sell out a little tying up all the ends and making the women from SATC all end up happily ever after with men, but I do love a good happy ending!



Chuck&Blair.Gossip Girl.  At the beginning of Gossip Girl it seems the Serena and Dan love story will be the pinnacle of the show. But, to be honest, no-one really cared. Maybe too similar to Ross & Rachel but without the depth?! Anyway, the couple everyone really cared about was the brilliantly complex Blair and Chuck. I loved how wicked they both were and how devious, yet their love for each other had a purity that was truly lovely and had everyone praying they’d eventually sort themselves out! Blair losing her virginity to Chuck in the back of his limo, Chuck breaking Blairs heart at the end of season 1, Chucks disappearance, Blair’s engagement to a prince, the whole baby daddy saga……after 6 seasons of on again off again, they finally marry and live happily ever after…..

“Life with you could never be boring Blair Cornelia Waldorf will you marry me?”



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